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Company Overview

OnContract.com is an online marketplace for finding 'People' and 'Services' on contract.

In its People offering, Oncontract.com helps skilled professionals find onsite contracting jobs where they can choose to work on Full-time, Part-time or One-Time basis. Further, Staffing Agencies can also provide their own people to work with businesses on time & material basis. In the Services offering, Oncontract.com will enable Service Providers to connect and win services engagements from member Customers on retainer or fixed-priced basis.

What is the Problem we are solving?

Employers are aware of the benefits of Contracting. From the supply-side of the Contracting operates in a very unorganized way and there is no exclusive online platform for Professionals and Service Providers wanting to explore work on Contract basis. Further, it very difficult to acquire new Clients and grow business in a predictable manner. Hence the vision of Oncontract.com to provide a unique crowdsourcing platform for Customers, Professionals and Staffing Agencies to conduct mutually beneficial Contracting business in a Quicker, Convenient and Credible way.

What is special about Oncontract.com?

We are focused only on the Contracting domain and hence have deeper knowledge of how a Contracting model should be conducted by all the parties effectively

We are a marketplace that enables transactions and not merely a directory search or CV database platform

Our supply-side data has 'Availability' updated and hence Customers do not waste time engaging with people who are not available to work

On our platform, Customers are able to onboard People at 'Short Notices', hence Quicker

Customers can hire right from a CFO to Receptionist on contract at one place hence Convenient

Our 'VeriSeal' program has a verification & certification program for Professionals and Agencies making our platform Credible

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