Staffing Agencies (Agency) Acquire New Customers

One of the key challenges faced by Staffing Agencies world-wide is the ability to reach-out to new customers and grow their business. In most cases the Agencies who aspire to increase their client portfolio have to increase their Sales force and incur heavy operational investments. Operationally, huge person-hours are spent in follow-ups and coordination with Customer's recruitment staff to just even get a feedback on the profiles submitted. Core reason for this gap is due to unavailability of a organized platform for Agencies to acquire and efficiently work with Customers without incurring any significant sales expense.

How can Oncontract Platform help you?

Aquire Customers fasters

An online marketplace has thousands of Customer members posting their live & urgent requirements. Such requirements are visible to Agencies, who can submit their responses by just being online.

Contact Recruiters Directly

Since you get access to the real Recruiters, who have posted the Contract, you can reach to them directly and close the deal. Since you access only paid customers there is high element of seriousness.

Predictable Business Growth

Since there are hundreds of new requirements getting posted, you have reasonably good visibility of the business certainties and is less impacted by any unplanned attrition within your sales teams.

Broadcast your Bench

'Broadcast', Oncontract's unique feature, allows you to announce skilled professionals who have completed their current project or have joined fresh. This allows you to deploy such resources faster.

  • Step 1

    View Contracts and Broadcast

    You can apply to posted Contract Jobs straight from the home page, without having to login. Get auto registered while applying and submit your response to the Business. Subsequently complete your profile so that you get found in search and get contacted by Businesses directly. If you don't wish to apply immediately, go ahead and Create your profile, so you can be contacted by Companies that may want to seek your expertise.

  • Step 2

    View Dashboard

    Dashboard enables you to track all the Feedbacks received from the Customer, whether suitable or not-suitable. Dashboard also provides you various other updates & statistics enabling you to effectively leverage the Oncontract online platform.

  • Step 3

    Do the Deal

    In case the profiles submitted by you are found suitable by the Customer, either they will connect with you (phone or email) or you can reach-out to them to take the process further. Once done, you can agree on contractual terms and do the deal.

What's so special about

We are focused only on the Contracting domain and hence have deeper knowledge of how a Contracting model should be conducted by all the parties. We are a marketplace that enables transactions and not merely a directory search or CV database platform. Enable you to acquire new customers without any sales expense. Opportunity to specialize in a particular skill area and develop your branding. We enable Agencies to announce their available surplus or off-project resources resulting in reducing bench costs. Get connected with serious Recruiters directly. Get yourself Verified for Compliances and enhance your credibility in the market.

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