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Globally hiring skilled people on Contract basis has been extensively practiced employment model. Times when ad-hoc, specialized or quick skilled resources are required, hiring Contract Professionals makes best sense. In developed countries, the percentage of Contract Professionals averages roughly around 30-40% of the total headcount employed. In India although the organized sector currently employs only about 5% people on Contract basis, the growth observed in Contracting is around 17-20% year on year since the last 2 years.

Why it makes sense to Contract? Company Profile

Hire at short notice

Contract professionals are more certain about their availability for assignments, hence it is very predictable to hire at short notice, typically within 2 weeks.

Reduce Hiring Risk

Engaging Contract professionals till the time you are able to find the most suitable permanent employee enables you to reduce the risk of making a bad hire.

Get Specialized Skills

Contract professionals tend to specialize in specific skill areas. This helps you to get the right skills for short periods and execute the task better.

Gain Flexibility

For short-term tasks requiring expert skill sets, the use of contractors allows businesses to acquire the proficiency they need for the precise timeframe of a particular job.

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  • Step 1

    Search, Post & View

    You can find Individual Contractors in three ways; search database of Individual Contractors, Publish their requirements through a Contract Job Post or view Broadcasts made by Agencies of their immediately available Individual Contractors (third party payroll).

  • Step 2

    View Dashboard

    Once you Login, you will see your exclusive Dashboard. You can see responses to your published Contracts. You can then assess the responses and provide your feedback on the relevancy (by marking Suitable or Not Suitable). For all the Profiles found Suitable, you will see the Contact details of the Professionals or the Agencies.

  • Step 3

    Do the Deal

    For all the suitable responses, you can now contact the Individual Contractors or Agencies directly, discuss terms of engagement and do the deal.

What's so special about Oncontract.com?

We are focused only on the Contracting domain and hence have deeper knowledge of how a Contracting model should be conducted by all the parties. We are a marketplace that enables transactions and not merely a directory search or CV database platform.Our supply-side data has Availability updated and hence Customers do not waste time engaging with people who are not available to work . On our platform, Customers are able to onboard People at short notices, hence Quicker. Customers can hire right from a CFO to Receptionist on contract at one place hence Convenient. Our VeriSeal program has a verification & certification program for Professionals and Agencies making our platform Credible. Choice based on your comfort levels : Full-time, Part-time or One-time Contracts. Hire directly or through Staffing Agencies. Discover specialized Agencies.

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