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    VeriSeal for Agencies aims to verify the various Compliances of an Agency, especially compliances to the requirements of Labor Law. There are three levels of Certification viz BRONZE< SILVER and GOLD. Once verified agencies can use the veriseal certificate to showcase credibility to its existing and prospective customers outside on Oncontract platform.

    About Employee Crossings

    Employee Crossings has extensive experience within the Pre-Employment Background-checks of the candidates. It has now expanded its offerings to include Compliance Audit Services that include:
    • End to End Labour Law Compliance
    • Audit of Compliance
    • Audit of Compliance of Third Party Vendor

Certification types

What does Gold certifitaction assess

VeriSeal Gold - Category: Contract Labor Compliance - Operational Level

In addition to Provider information captured around parameters mentioned in Bronze Seal and Silver Seal, the Gold Seal captures detailed information that denotes Provider compliance of Contract Labour requirements including at Operational Levels. While operational level compliance can truly be verified if audited periodically, under the Gold Seal program of ONCONTRACT, we will check operational compliance for the preceding 3 months to judge whether the Provider has maintained operational level compliance. It would be the Buyer's prerogative to engage a suitable Compliance Auditing agency to ascertain that the Provider is complying periodically. The Gold Seal will attempt to identify and confirm that the Provider indeed has processes and intent to comply with regulations at an operational level.

Sample Key Information Collection Categories in VeriSeal - Gold are:

Are you complying with the provisions of the applicable Shops & Establishments Act, such as working hours, overtime, leave, etc.
Employees who are drawing less than Rs.10,000/- pm are to be covered under the ESI Act by obtaining the particulars of employees in Form 1 and submitting the same to ESI Corporation Contributions payable under the ESI Act (Employer 4.75% & Employee - 1.75%) shall be recovered from employees covered under the ESI Act and remitted through challans - by 21st every month Half yearly returns together with monthly challans (quadruplicate) is required to be sent for the period ending March and September every year to ESI Corporation.If ESI act is not applicable, what kind of medical assurance is given to the employee deployed at client site?
PF Remittances of the contributions, before 15th of every month - filed or not? Whether copies of Form 5 Form 10, 12A before 25th of every month- filed or not? Submission of Annual Returns By April 30- yes or no?
Whether Labour Welfare fund paid to the labour department? If yes, please provide a copy of the last contribution paid to the department. Whether Bonus Act is applicable or not?
Whether Bonus is paid to all the employees who have completed at least 30 days of service with the contractor during the financial year
Whether bonus is paid to all those deployed in the company in the presence of the representative of the company and endorsed in C Register
Whether Bonus Registers Form A & B are maintained
Whether Annual return in Form D is submitted within a month of Payment of Bonus
Whether copies of C Register & Annual Return Form D (within 30 days of expiry time) has been submitted for verification to the Principal employer
How the attendance is track for a employee deployed at client site? Brief about time tracking process?
What is the Salary cycle for employees deployed?

What does Silver certifitaction assess

In addition to Provider information around Demographic and Competency Data (Bronze Seal), Silver Seal program captures and presents data around basic Contract Labor Compliance of the Provider. This data primarily focuses on ‘Certificate/License’ level only. For example, to showcase compliance to ESIC (Employees' State Insurance Corporation), the Silver Seal program will collect scanned copy of the ESIC Certificate of the Provider. In Silver Seal program, there will no effort to confirm that such Provider is actually ensuring operational compliance to ESIC by paying ESIC premiums for each of its applicable employees.

Key Information Collection Categories in VeriSeal - Silver are:

Contract Labor Compliance - Certificate Level Artifacts
Registration under Contract Labor (Abolition & Regulation Act) Certificate Scanned Copy
Shops & Establishments Certificate Scanned Copy
ESI (Employees' State Insurance) Registration Certificate Scanned Copy
EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) Registration Certificate Scanned Copy
Professional TAX Registration Number/Certificate Scanned Copy
Any other Certificates Scanned Copy

What does Bronze certifitaction assess

VeriSeal Bronze - Category: Demographic and Competency Data Bronze Seal primarily captures Provider information around Company Demographic Data and Competency & Skill Data. Bronze seal is the lowest level of verification and hence Buyer may perceive such Provider under Medium Risk category, less riskier than the one who does not even have Bronze seal. The Demographic Data is verified through Service Tax and PAN Card information provided by the Provider.

Company Demographic Data Competency & Skill Data
Name of the Company Core Business of the Company
Company Type Business/technology/Industry Expertise
Date of Incorporation Number of Development Centers (if any)
Registered Address Number of Clients (with relationship over 2 years)
Corporate Address (Operational site) Number of total Employees (at current)
Official Website Address Number of Recruiters
Office Board Line Phone Number Number of Managers
Directors/Proprietor Names & Contact Details References of 3 Customers (upon Request only)
Number of Offices in India and Overseas Map Bill Rates (Skills (Standard, Special, Niche) across 2-5 yrs, 5-8 yrs, 8+ yrs)
PAN Number
Service Tax Number
TIN Number